2007 RSC-GT Mustang

Restomodders have gone all out in their efforts to engineer a 21st century ride into a classic 1960s Mustang. None have gone such an extreme route as taken by Retrobuilt, a restoration business in Ozark, Missouri. They specialize in Mustangs, Shelbys, Mopars and just about any high-end muscle car.

With their upcoming RSC-GT, this innovative company has gone over the top. Basically, they cut up a brand new Mustang GT and grafted on the bodywork of a classic fastback. This way, there can be no sacrifice of modern day Mustang performance. But, the coveted lines of the fastback shine through.

A lot of love went into this car, Tony Beam and Clinton White, the designers on the project, said. Actually, artisans John Emhoff, Mike Buske, Ryan Weaver, Brett Clark, Clay Grube and many others at Retrobuilt poured 1,200 hours of sweat into this Mustang. The design began with 1968 fenders, doors and quarters. Of course, these older body parts don't fit a Gen 5 Mustang platform. In Tony's words, the panels had to be elongated, stretched and made taller to fit.

Retrobuilt's goal was to incorporate the look of a 1967-68 fastback into the car. They had to pull off this radical surgery and at the same time retain all the fender mounting points, door gaps, bumper mounting points on the rear, and trunk gaps.

The custom car business has certainly come a long way since the 1950s. Beam spoke the language of a Big Three automaker when he said, "In the process of digitizing those panels for dyes and stampings in steel." That's correct. Retrobuilt is producing this highly modified Mustang in steel and launching their RSC-GT into production. They will stamp the quarter skins, door skins and complete fenders out of steel for the production car, to be built in series.

Except, there will be at least some styling changes from the concept pictured here. An auto company uses focus groups to gauge interest in their new designs. In the 21st century, a company such as Retrobuilt can get good, if not better results, using the Internet.

You can't make a car everybody likes. I'm getting mixed feedback on some of the Mustang forums. Forum discussions sound like a grand way to gauge reaction to a new design from a large group of people. Mustang forums tend to be filled with hardcore Mustang enthusiasts as opposed to the general public. That seems to be okay since enthusiasts appear to be this car's market. After reading what Mustang people have to say on the Internet, Beam said, "The hood design is probably going to go away."

He referred to the extremely wide and novel scoop at the leading edge of the hood. The beautiful custom hood pins will undoubtedly remain. The rear bodywork is another area that is apt to undergo revision.

Tony said, "The Saleen-like bumper cover, for legal reasons, is probably going to change a little on the actual production car." The bumper cover is different from a Saleen, but perhaps not different enough. The rear extensions started out pure Saleen design that Retrofit modified and reshaped to fit the contours of the radically altered body.

Tony said, "The aluminum tail panel was a pretty big production from a machinist's standpoint. It's solid billet, designed to replicate the optional deluxe ribbed tail panel. They also recreated the classic look of three separate taillights. They re-wired the taillights to work in unison.

Retrobuilt highly modified the front end with a set of 1967 headlight buckets grafted together with a newly fabricated grille surround. The lower bumper cover is also a new fabrication made to give the Eleanor look. The Gen 5 Mustang is about eight inches longer than an early model. Therefore, none of Retrobuilt's newly fabricated parts will fit a stock Gen 5.

The hood is another new piece. Retrobuilt used three hoods to make the prototype on this concept. This hood is between six and seven inches longer than stock.

Inside, changes are minimal, so far. On this concept, Retrobuilt custom embroidered their logo onto the seat backs and replaced the stock inserts with a carbon-fiber like material.

Car FX in Tulsa, Oklahoma installed the Glassback roof and did the mechanical upgrades. A supercharger made a whole lot of sense. A car that looks this hot needs to go just as fast.

There's probably no better supercharger installer around than Russell Williams at Car FX. We photographed this car in Tulsa and got the opportunity to watch Williams lay out the parts and pieces in a sanitary shop where he installed a blower and a set of long tube headers.

Retrobuilt removed the "Powered By Ford" badges on the side of the 4.6's intake cover, then smoothed the surface and painted the ribs body color, Corsa Rossa Red. The two-tone black and red cover matches the body colors Customers can go with a stock 4.6L or step up to the new Paxton that increases horsepower to 470 and torque to 420 foot-pounds.

Car FX also lowered the body using lightweight Steeda springs front and rear. They engineered the drop so the 20 inch Proxes clear the custom made steel fenders.

Customers can order any color combination. They'll still get the vintage 1967/68 fastback look in a Gen 5 in this series produced custom Mustang.

Mechanical Mods: 2007 Mustang RSC-GT Fastback

Body Eleanor style front-end treatment with 1967 Mustang headlight buckets grafted to a fabricated grille surround and fabricated lower bumper cover.

Custom hood, 6-7 inches longer than stock, with non-functional front scoop and custom hood lock pins.

Grafted on 1968 fenders, doors and quarter panels.

1968 Mustang door handles and mechanisms.

Saleen rear bumper cover reshaped to fit the new contours of the grafted on 1968 rear quarter panels.

Solid billet aluminum tail light panel.

Classic Design Concepts full Glassback package with roof mounted LED third brake lamp and matching charcoal headliner. All Glassback side molding has been painted base coat clear coat black to match upper body color.

Suspension Lowered 1-1/2 inches with STEEDA Lightweight front coils and STEEDA rear competition springs.

Carroll Shelby Magnum 500 wheels, CS69 Black/Polished wheels.

Toyo Proxes mounted with new Ford wheel sensors and 20 inch bans on all four corners.

Baer Brakes drilled and slotted vented Decela rotors, repainted red.

Interior Custom embroidered seat backs and carbon-fiber like material in place of the stock seat inserts.

Hurst short-throw shifter with carbon-fiber like shifter boot.

Custom Retrobuilt Script billet sill plate inserts.

Engine Paxton's new full polished Hi-output SL inter-cooled supercharger system rated at 470hp and 420 foot-pounds torque. Unit features a new internally lubricated compressor that can remain in place for servicing.

Custom intake with red ribs.

STEEDA powder coated red valve covers.